Regular Cats Shaved Bald Are Being Sold As Hairless Sphynx Cats In Latest Scam Tactic

Someone in Alberta is apparently trying to scam people by selling them shaved kittens as if they were of the naturally hairless and more expensive, Sphynx breed. Although the shaved kittens do look similar to the Sphynx cats at first, the hair grows back in a few weeks, ofte leaving the owners in shock.


JoAnne Dyck was one of those people who fell victim to the scam and paid $700 for a fake Sphynx.


Regular Cats Shaved Bald


The baby cat named Vlad was dropped off at Dyck’s home at Alberta. With features such as a skinny frame and an angular face, she didn’t really think that the cat wasn’t an actual Sphynx. However, she’d soon noticed that the cat behaved differently and didn’t get along with her other Sphynx cat.


She eventually sold Vlad to some other woman and after talking back and forth for a couple of days, the new owner decided to take Vlad to the Vet. It was then found out that the cat wasn’t an actual Sphnyx cat, but a regular cat who’d been shaved clean to look like the rarer, more expensive breed.


Regular Cats Shaved Bald


It’s a good thing that Vlad is safe and sound now, still living with the woman who purchased him from Dyck.


Unfortunately, the scammers have yet to be apprehended.