Rare Historical Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from these harrowing photos?

Most photographs become iconic shots decades after they were captured, and only because we’ve already gained a better understanding of their importance and historical context.  Over the last several decades, there have been hundreds of important and iconic moments for counties, individuals, and families.  Although rare to catch these moments on camera, these amazing photographs document historic and significant moments in history.  This list of iconic historical moments captured on film will give you insight into the moments countries triumphed to victory, life-changing inventions were successfully created, and many other meaningful moments in world history.  Looking back at these moments that changed history will leave you in awe as you travel back in time to the most important historical moments our world has ever seen.

Two Bullets

These two bullets, probably from opposing forces, were found right after the Battle of Gallipoli which started in 1915 and ended a year later in 1916 during the First World War.  This battle was also known as The Battle of Canakkale and was a campaign of the First World War that took place on the Gallipoli peninsula.  The British, French, Australian and New Zealand troops were allies against the seemingly unstoppable Turkish Army.  In the end, the Turkish triumphed to victory and the battle is still considered to be one of the greatest victories and a defining moment in Turkish History.

German Submarine Control Room

There’ve been many “speculations” about what the inside of German submarines looked back in the days, but here’s an actual picture of the control room of the U-boat 110 that was taken in 1918.  These extremely tight, hot, and hellish conditions would have been enough to make most soldiers quit. This U-boat 110 was hit and its forward rudders jammed in the up position.  The fuel tank had been completely destroyed and the motor short circuited which made the U-boat an easy target.  It was rammed by a torpedo destroyer before rolling over and sinking, killing the entire crew on board.

Hydrogen Bomb Testing

This hydrogen bomb is one of the 23 nuclear devices tested and donated by the United States at the Bikini Atoll between 1946 to 1958.  Test weapons were detonated underwater, in the air, and on the reef local to the island.  These tests took place in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean, which includes Bikini Atoll as well as 22 other islands.  Nuclear testing began in July of 1946 with Operation Crossroads. The nukes rendered the island and surrounding area uninhabitable due to radioactivity, stemming mostly from caesium-137.


Back in 1958, scientists were still contemplating about the specifics of weightlessness in space and so, they used a kitten as a stand-in for human testing at 25,000 feet.  Many have considered these experiments cruelty to animals and needless to say, these tests were shut down after a very short period of time.


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Rare Historical Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

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