Puppy Tries To Clean His Own Pee From Bathroom Floor, Becomes A Viral Sensation

The pup, Pablo, had been adopted by 21-year-old rapper Acelin Hamptom, otherwise known as Billie Band$, around 3 months ago. In that time, the pup has seen its owner tidy up after his accidents using toilet paper countless times. So many, in fact, that the memory of cleaning up his poop using toilet paper has been so ingrained in him that he tried to clean up after himself when he peed on the bathroom floor in his owner’s friend’s house.


The scene was so good that Hampton couldn’t help but share what happened on Twitter.


The picture of his doggie’s mishap has since been retweeted so many times and has been featured in various news outlets, including CNN. Pablo also has his own twitter account thanks to his sudden surge in popularity.


You can follow Pablo and his hilarious tweets @Pablo3Bands.