Old Man Makes Cheap Knitting Machine To Donate Thousands of Socks To Shelters

When Bob Rutherford’s friend didn’t believe that the Sasktatoon man could make a cheap knitting machine that worked extremely fast, Rutherford worked hard to prove his friend wrong.


Now, the 88-year-old uses two super-powered machines that he put together using sewer tubing.


The said machine “could be knitting at 90 stitches a second,” the old man proudly claimed.


Old Man Makes Cheap Knitting Machine


Now, he’s finished making around 10,000 pairs of socks using the machines and donated them to shelters in Saskatoon and across the country.


How did he do it?


Well, his answer was rather simple: “The wool comes in the door and I knit it.”


Old Man Makes Cheap Knitting Machine


Rutherford first started making socks seven years ago.


He says that he did it to help other people after his wife passed away in 2010.


The knitting machines were made many years earlier, but he never really used them much.


And so, he finally put them to work, knitting every week to the tune of 10,000 pairs of socks to-date.


Old Man Makes Cheap Knitting Machine


Rutherford says that the socks have helped give him a purpose.


“There’s a lot of us, as we grow older, we sit at home and look at the wall with nothing to do.”


“And Socks By Bob has given me that something to do,” said Rutherford.