MMA Fighter Fights Referee After Getting Up From Being Knocked Out

Have you ever taken such a beating that you ended up getting up from being knocked out, only that this time you’re actually trying to fight against the referee?


In a video shared by MMA fighter, Frank ‘The Crank’ Camacho, who was the referee for the fight, one of the fighters take an illegal kick to the head, sending him to the canvas and almost knocking him out cold.


It didn’t knock him out, though, and he didn’t even bother to protest a disqualification win. Instead, he went straight back up and started throwing punches.


I had the honor of being one of the refs for Trench Warz 20 this past weekend. I had one of the best experiences as a ref and martial arts competitor with this fight in particular. These guys were getting after each other right off the bat. With all the adrenaline running an illegal kick was thrown to the down opponent as you see in the footage. Usually fighters cover their heads and pretend to be in antagonizing pain to sway a disqualification win. This fighter was totally opposite of that. He was GAME! He had the Chamorro Islander fighting spirit and had no giving up in him even after getting dazed. I just happened to be in front of him as he got back up! LOL. It was an amazing night of fights! Si Yu'us Maase @ifamiliaku_mass and the fighters for putting on an amazing show! Yamato Damashii in full effect! LONG LIVE THE ISLAND WARRIORS!

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Unfortunately, not only did his punches not land on his opponent, but they ended up targeted towards the referee.


It’s a good thing that the referee is an MMA fighter himself, so he was able to defend himself and subdue the situation almost immediately.


MMA Fighter Fights Referee


Still, that doesn’t make this any less bizarre – not to mention, hilarious – to watch.