Man Buys A Thousand Newspapers To Help Hide His DUI Arrest

To what lengths would you go just to hide your arrest, even if it’s something as relatively minor as a DUI?


Well, for this guy, he was willing to go as far as to buy as many newspaper copies that contained information of his arrest as he could find.


Man Buys A Thousand Newspapers


Joseph Talbot was arrested by State Police on December 29 in Wayne County and was charged with driving while intoxicated.


He was also charged with refusing to be fingerprinted or photographed. He also reportedly told troopers that he didn’t want his mugshot to appear in the newspaper.


A mugshot was eventually acquired from the county jail, however, and a story, with the mugshot, was printed on New Year’s Eve and then published online.


Man Buys A Thousand Newspapers


Newspaper owner and editor Ron Holdraker says Talbot bought nearly 1,000 newstand copies at $1.25 each in an unsuccessful attempt to try to help hide his DUI arrest.


Why exactly he did so, nobody really knows. Anyone is free to guess, though.