Kimbo Slice Lives On As His Son Finally Makes Pro MMA Debut

Legendary street fighter, Kevin Ferguson or otherwise known as Kimbo Slice, may have died. But, his legacy lives on in his son, who recently just made his pro MMA debut after having had his first two previous fights called off at the last minute.


Finally stepping out at Bellator 165, Kevin Ferguson Jr. was matched up against Aaron Hamilton.


Kimbo Slice Lives On


Unfortunately, the result of his debut wasn’t exactly what most was hoping for. After storming out of the gates and locking Hamilton into an Anaconda choke, Ferguson just wasn’t able to close things out. Instead, he let his opponent go and became a victim himself of his opponent’s choke, which led to him tapping out three minutes into the second round.


Nicknamed ‘Baby Slice’, Junior had come into Bellator with a lot of hype. Understandably so, not only is he the son of a legendary street fighter, he also won his first and only amateur fight convincingly via knockout in under two minutes.


Such domination, though, will have to wait, as Baby Slice’s first fight made it obvious that he lacks experience at the sport’s highest level.



This certainly isn’t the first and last time Baby Slice would appear on a Bellator card. He’s go the right tools to succeed, and definitely takes up from his pops.


Given enough time, he could be ready for a televised fight, and you can bet that we’ll all be waiting for that.