Judge Just Ruled In Favor Of A Man Who Paid Child Support With Pizza!

Yes, you heard that right. An Italian Court has just ruled in favor of a divorced father who actually paid his due child support in pizza.



Nicolo Toso, a Pizza baker, was taken to court for the reason of failure to pay child support. Apparently, the economic crisis of 2008 hit him hard and he didn’t have much cash. Although he did try his best to pay his dues and sent pizzas instead of the cash stipulated in the divorce agreement.


A judge seems to have acknowledged this as an actual means of payment and has even acquitted Mr. Toso. The judgeruled that the father had done his best to provide for his daughter, despite being in a financial pickle.




In an awesome twist of things, the civil court has also ruled that the mother, his ex-wife, must now pay him in child support per month. This, following their daughter moving to live with him, along with this new wife and three other children.


Hurray for pizza!