JaVale McGee Has Shaqtin Moment After Free Throw With Latest Team

Any hopes of JaVale McGee dropping his shenanigans went out the window with his latest Shaqtin Moment.


Further making the Warriors a must-see team, JaVale McGee attempted to take the ball out following a free throw during the third quarter of a blowout between his new team, the Golden State Warriors, and the Phoenix Suns.


The problem? His team was the one at the line, and it was Suns ball.



McGee only noticed his mistake once he saw a Suns player standing next to him, who probably was just as confused as he was. McGee then hastily sprinted up the court after realizing what he’d just done.


Ever the good sport, McGee found humor in just what he did, even saying on Twitter “Damn guys can y’all wait until y’all take y’all jerseys off before y’all watch me take the ball out for the opposite team?”



JaVale McGee keep on doing what you do and that nth Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP award should already be yours halfway through the NBA season.