Instagram Blogger Poses Naked Around The World To Make A Point

Photographer Magdalena Wosinska has around 122k Instagram followers to her name, all of which absolutely adore her numerous self-portraits set in the most beautiful places all over the world.


She doesn’t just pose in photos, though, she does so in the nude.


Why so? She says that “no one can tell what status, class or group you belong to in the nude,” and we f*cking agree.


Needle In A Camels Eye #theexperiencevol1

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The Instagram blogger has earned quite the name for herself, having shot campaigns for big companies such as Urban Outfitters and Converse, as well as editorials for Vogue and FOAM, just to name a few.


And oh, she also shoots, literally.


Slam Dunk #theexperiencevol1

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While her lifestyle may make it seem like Magdalena is pretty well-off, she was inspired to make naked portrays because she grew up in a world of poverty.


She says she once had a class assignment to shoot portraits and thought, “Well, f**k, I don’t have any nice clothes.”


Last day of the year to celebrate, surf, and soak in the sun! May the next be even better✨ #theexperiencevol1

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Sauvie Island Sunsets #theexperiencevol1

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Stepping Into Spring #theexperiencevol1

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As well as her ever-growing collection of naked self portrays, Magdalena plans to do solo shows around the world for The Experience Vo. 1, more books, even a shirt film and hopefully, a script to a feature.


Here’s to hoping that she continues to shut-down class stereotypes on Instagram using nudity.