How Much Would You Be Willing To Spend To Save Your Pet Goldfish?

Let’s assume you have a pet goldfish and that you cherish it so much. But, what happens if it’s sick? Like, really sick? Would you just let it die? Or would you spend a lot of money to take it to the vet and see what’s wrong?


For one 21-year-old in Brisbane, Australia, the latter was the optimal choice.




The vets over at the Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services center were shocked when a 21-year-old came in and told them that her pet goldfish had accidentally swallowed a pebble.


The vets then ran a physical exam on the fish. They’d then learn that the fish, whose name was Conquer, had a black pebble lodged far back in his throat .


Seeing the situation, the vets immediately prepared for surgery so that they could remove the pebble.




The procedure was quick, according to a spokesperson from the center. They were also happy to report that Conquer has recovered quite well.


As for the price, well, the procedure cost Conquer’s owner a pretty penny. It set her back by about $500, which is expensive considering that Conquer sells for around $12, or even less, at a local pet store.


Isn’t it delightful that someone actually took the time and money to save such a “cheap” pet? Conquer is lucky to have a loving and thoughtful owner.