Guy Gets Himself A Free WiFi Printer After Pulling Off Genius Prank on Neighbor

If you happen to have just bought yourself a wireless printer, then it’d be best for you to set it up and put a password immediately. Unless, of course, you’ll want to be a victim of a genius prank, similar to what Blake Messick did to his neighbor.

Guy Gets Himself A Free WiFi Printer


Blake was merely trying to print something off of his own printer at home when he noticed that his neighbor had forgot to set a password on their brand new wireless printer. This meant that anyone close by, including Blake, could use it however they pleased.


Not one to waste an opportunity to have some fun, Blake did something nothing short of genius.


By making it look like that his neighbor’s printer had become sentient, his neighbor ended up throwing the printer on the front lawn, along with his other trash.


Again, not one to waste an opportunity, Blake jumped at the chance of a freebie.


Guy Gets Himself A Free WiFi Printer

Guy Gets Himself A Free WiFi Printer


While it remains unclear if the prank was an attempt to go viral or was actually real, one thing we’re sure of is that this guy’s a genius.


Simply amazing.