Great Dane Reunited With Owner More Than Two Years After Going Missing

One Christmas Eve dinner, Julio let his Great Dane pup, Duke, out in his backyard. To him and Duke, it was a normal thing to do. But, what happened on December 24, 2013 was far from normal.


Going back to the backyard to let Duke back inside, Julio was shocked to see that his dog was nowhere to be found.


Julio would then spend weeks, if not months, looking for his best friend. But, as months turned to years, he’d all given up on his search for his best friend.


Almost three years later, though, he’d get a random call from a random man.



Duke had somehow found himself more than 350 miles away from home. Luckily, David Walker, a Good Samaritan, found him and took him to the vet. There, they scanned the pup for a microchip and that’s when David knew that he had to call Duke’s original owner.


Truly, this is a miraculous return. Although, it also serves as a great reminder to all pet owners to get their best friends micro chipped. After all, you never know what could happen!