Dying Black Lab Lives To See Owner Walk Down The Aisle

Many years ago, Kelly O’Connel was working at an animal shelter. There, she’d meet and adopt a black lab named Charlie, who was first brought in after someone found him in a shopping cart.


Over a decade later, Charlie would find himself diagnosed with a brain tumor. Very weak and suffering from as many as 5 seizures a week, Kelly was getting ready to put Charlie down. However, not before Charlie would see Kelly walk the aisle with James Garvin.




Although already very weak, Charlie seemed like a young dog on the day of the wedding, Kelly said. No seizures, no weakness and full of energy. He even got to walk his owner down the Aisle, which was an amazing sight to see for those who were at the wedding.


Unfortunately, Charlie couldn’t make it back.




Not that he died, but Charlie just had no energy left after walking down the aisle. Kelly’s sister then picked up the good ol’ lag and carried him back.


Kelly said that the moment was so emotional that everyone couldn’t help but burst into tears.


A week later on September 9, Kelly decided to put Charlie down.




The 15-year-old black lab died peacefully, in front of the fireplace at their home and surrounded by the people that had loved him from the start.