Couple Lives Rent Free In New York Thanks To Bizarre Law

Karen Nourse and Zachary Bennett have found a way to live in an expensive apartment in Manhattan, all without paying a single cent.


Couple Lives Rent Free In New York


The couple lives in a loft in Cheslea on 26th Street, which is a pretty cool place to live in, especially if you’re living rent free.


Although, the building they’re living in isn’t exactly residential, which is part of the reason why the couple, who now has two children and run KZ Films, a video content company, has been able to get away without paying rent for long.


It hasn’t gone unnoticed, though, as the landlord now says that the couple owes him $410,000 in rent.


Nourse and Bennett, however, are fighting it.


Couple Lives Rent Free In New York


The couple says that they don’t owe the landowner any money because of what’s referred to as the Loft Law.


The said law is supposed to protect any resident of New York who’re living illegally in commercial and factory buildings.


The state changed the Loft Law to cover more people back in 2010, which is also when Nourse and Bennett chose to stop paying their rent.


Couple Lives Rent Free In New York


Margaret Sandercock, the couple’s lawyer, told the Post, “This building does not comply with the Loft Law. The owner is not entitled to collect rent and my clients are not required to pay rent.”


Harry Shapiro, the landlord’s lawyer, says that the family are free to stay in the building, as long as they pay their rent, saying “We really don’t want to evict them. We just want them to pay the rent. They’re gettinga ll the services, but the landlord got zippo.”


Let’s face it, though, rent in Manhattan is ridiculously expensive and if you can somehow find a way to get out of paying rent, without doing something illegal, then kudos to you.