Conor McGregor In The WWE? Agent Confirms It Is Possible

Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in the UFC, and his brand only grew after he made history by becoming the first two-weight UFC world champion when he dominated Eddie Alvarez. And now, he’s set to make even bigger waves by entering the ring of the WWE.


While featured on an episode of the podcast, Conor’s Agent Audie Attar made a comment about how fan-favorite Irish UFC fighter could see time in the WWE. “It’s all about business, man” said Audie. He also added that they’re willing to entertain any offer that may come from the WWE.


Conor McGregor In The WWE


Armed with his big, in your face personality, it’s easy to picture McGregor drawing a crowd and being a popular WWE wrestler. But then again, he hasn’t exactly been friendly with the wrestling community.


Known for saying exactly what’s on his mind, he made quite a few enemies when he said, “But those WWE guys are straight *****, I told you all” Adding, “didn’t mean no disrespect to the @wwe fans. What I meant to say was that I’d slap the head off your entire roster. And twice on Sunday’s.”


Conor McGregor In The WWE


He’s also taken shots at John Cena, a known fan-favorite, saying that “The main guy, John Cena, he’s 40 years of age and he’s running around in a luminous orange t-shirt and a head band, talking about nobody can see him. We can see him right there. He’s a big, fat 40-year old failed Mr. Olympia.”


Given his comments against the WWE, and known fan appeal, McGregor on the WWE could make for quite the sight, if only for a couple of fights.