Conor McGregor Asserts His Dominance Over The UFC In Latest Video

In his latest video, titled Conor Mcgregor: My Opponents Before and After Beating Them, the ‘Notorious’ just proved just how big of a trash talker he really is. And, in doing so, he’s found a way to somewhat assert his dominance over the UFC.


The video, which is five minutes long, splices clips of McGregor’s opponents talking trash before facing off with the Irish mixed martial art, only to be forced to congratulate him at press conferences after being humiliated inside the Octagon by Mcgregor.


Conor McGregor


The montage has got to be one of the most awkward videos to watch. At least, for the fighters who’ve been in the receiving end of McGregor’s punches.


If we were to guess, this has to be McGregor’s way of enforcing his dominance over the UFC. Just this weekend, McGregor was stripped of his title and it’s now back in the hands of Aldo. So, some sort of reaction was half-expected from McGregor.


Still, nobody expected a video like this.



Leave it to Conor McGregor to always come up with something unexpected.