Channing Frye Hypes His Own Game By Allegedly Editing His Own Wikipedia Page

There’s a reason why Wikipedia isn’t the most trustworthy source of information on the internet. While many people try to put facts in each page, some intentionally edit pages to their own amusement or benefit.


Case in point, Channing Frye of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.


Channing Frye Hypes His Own Game


Apparently, the member of the reigning league champions, Channing Frye enjoys editing his own Wikipedia pages in his spare time.


This was later revealed last Sunday night when another Cavs veteran, Richard Jefferson, posted a snap calling out Frye for trying to hype up his own game via his Wikipedia page.


Check it out:


Channing Frye Hypes His Own Game


“Channing Frye with the superior passing of lebron and kyrie has become an elite shooter and welcomes all people to ‘Frye Island.'”


Well, that’s certainly something someone would say about themselves.


You do you Channing, you do you.