Blind Man Attaches GoPro To His Guide Dog To Film The Abuse He Receives Every Day In Public

You might think that a blind man who’s still trying to function as normally as possible would get a bit more sympathy from people. But, if Amit Patel’s footage is any indication, that doesn’t really seem to be the case.


Blind Man Attaches GoPro To His Guide Dog


Amit Patel is a former doctor who lost his sight three years. He says that he’s now constantly barged out of the way every day as he travels around London.


He claims that commuters have stepped over his guide dog, Kika, and some have even gone as far as hit her with umbrellas just to move her out of the way.


Blind Man Attaches GoPro To His Guide Dog


The 37-year-old was diagnosed with Keratoconus, which changes the shape of a person’s cornea. He’s had six transplants overall, but all have been rejected by his body.


Now blind, he says that he’s been told to apologize simply for being in the way and that he’s also frequently ignored by station staff.


To help document the abuse that he’s gotten everyday, the father-of-one attached a GoPro camera to Kika’s back to record his every day life.



At the end of each day, Patel’s wife, Seema, reviews the footage and then tweets about it.


The former doctor travels via train almost every day and says that staff have frequently ignored him, especially when he’s in unfamiliar surroundings.


He says that, “Sometimes, I get a train with my four-month old son and I say quite loudly: “Kika, find me a seat,” but no-one budges.”



So much for having faith in humanity, eh?