Bagel + Muffin = Mufgel

First, there was the cronut. It was the combination of delicious breakfast foods that no one knew they needed. And we are happy to report that this phenomenon lives on. This time, it’s in the form of a mufgel, which is a muffin combined with a bagel.



This wondrous food comes from The Bagel Store, the shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn known for beautiful rainbow bagels like these:


repost via @instarepost20 from @sharnilouise All about that Rainbow Life ????????

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The mufgel is totally customizable. The first image above is a Fruity Pebble mufgel. Here is an image from Buzzfeed of a pizza-themed mufgel, including sun dried tomatoes and topped with mozzarella:




Below is a carrot cake mufgel:



And check out this amazing bacon, egg and cheese mufgel:


Bacon, egg and cheese mufgel (muffin + bagel)???????? Is this the next hybrid food craze?! ????

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We are hyped about this new hybrid, to say the least.