Adidas Ignored This Emotional Ad By A Student, Only For It To Go Viral

You know how most companies are often looking for creative suggestions, even from outside their company? Well, it seems that Adidas has no need for such after rejecting this emotional commercial ad created for them by a student.



The incredibly emotional Adidas commercial was created by Eugen Merher, a 26-year-old student film maker.


Running for nearly 2 minutes, the commercial revolves around the now-monotous existence of an elder man who was a former German marathon runner and lives in a retirement home.


Adidas Ignored This Emotional Ad


Sadly, however, the ad was ignored by Adidas’ communications department, for reasons unknown.


Regardless of how you look at it, this commercial ad is well worthy of any international company and after watching it again, I believe I’ve got something in my eye.