911 Operator Arrested After Hanging Up On Thousands of Emergency Calls

We all have a bad day at work, days when we feel like doing nothing and just letting time pass. That’s okay. Most employers understand that happens sometimes. But, when your job could very well mean the difference between someone’s life, having a bad day at work isn’t really okay.


This is what Houston 911 Operator Crenshanda Williams would soon learn.


911 Operator Arrested


The issue first came to light when manages found out that Williams had thousands of “short calls” lasting less than 30 seconds.


In one case, Williams hung up on a call that later turned out to be a fatal robbery. Hua Li, who heard shots on his way out of the store, called for help soon as he got to his vehicle. Li was then shocked to have been promptly disconnected. Although Li would try to call again, this time successfully, the authorities got to the scene too late and the store manager had already been killed.


In another case, a recording captures WIlliams saying “ain’t nobody got time for this. For real.”


911 Operator Arrested


After being confronted by police, Williams would confess and even say that she often does hang up on people because “she didn’t feel like talking”.


Creshanda has since been accused of a misdemeanor charge of interefrence with an emergency telephone call.